We specialize in creating additional sales and improving conversion by offering our listing optimization to Increase Search Ranking and Improve Titles, Pictures, Bullet Points, and Descriptions.

What we do as sellers...

Josh Chaney


Increase Profitability and Sustainable Growth with Protection, Perception and Presentation through Brand Awareness, Brand Control, Competitor Analysis and PPC Advertising.


Better Life Sales

Bigger is not better.

Giant sellers can have a negative impact on brands. When a seller is too big they will have a hard time giving your brand the attention it needs to grow.

About Us


Do you have too many sellers?

More sellers will not equal more sells. Having the RIGHT sellers can. You NEED fewer sellers that give you a proactive partnership.

How to Navigate AMAZON?  

We are a small e-commerce seller on Amazon that works to build and grow mutually successful relationships with partnering brands. We know how important your brand is to you. We work hard to add VALUE to your products rather than just selling your product. We invest OUR time and money to grow your brand on Amazon.

Do your sellers do more than just sell?

Are your sellers helping your brand? Do they run ad campaigns, fix your deficiencies, monitor your listings, or answer negative reviews? 

Mike Kenyon

VP Sales


Receive More Product Reviews and Better Seller Feedback. We offer professional responses to Negative Reviews by monitoring the feedback on the products and to help unsatisfied customers return to your brand.